Castings USA, Inc.

Castings and Wear Parts

At our sister company, Castings USA, Inc., it is of the utmost importance to our staff that we supply quality castings in a timely manner and strive to build on the relationships we have established with all of our customers.

In the casting business since 1974

We pride ourselves in offering the following:

  • Quality castings
  • Good lead times
  • Flexibility
  • On site customer service and problem solving
  • Full engineering capabilities for new parts and improvement parts
  • Reverse engineering from existing parts
  • Value added services (machining, heat treat, pattern making)

Alloys poured:

  • Gray Iron all grades
  • Ductile Iron all grades
  • Ni-Hard grades 1-4
  • PC28 Chrome Iron and lower grades

We pour parts from 1 to 5300 lbs.

  • ASTM A-48 Gray Iron with Brinells ranging from 187 to 285
  • ASTM A-536 Ductile with Brinells ranging from 130 to 300
  • ASTM A-532 Ni-Hard Iron with Brinells at 550 to 600
  • ASTM A-532 PC 28 Chrome Iron with Brinells ranging from 550 to 650

Castings USA, Inc. can be reached at

P.O. Box 202 Midvale, Ohio 44653
Phone: (330) 339-3611 Fax: (330) 339-6809

Greg Camp, Castings USA, Inc. Representative

cell: (330) 204-3454

Plant Location

2061 Brightwood Road SE, New Philadelphia OH 44663