Reymond Products International, Inc.

Since 1958

Reymond Machine was founded in 1958 by Ed Reymond. In 1966 he was joined by his nephew, Bob Reymond, who began his career as a die maker. Bob had previously worked at a local brick factory where he hacked and de-hacked brick for a living. As a die maker Bob began working directly with customers on dies and took on other customer service issues relative to the process of making brick.

In 1974 Ed and Bob Reymond started Commercial Castings an Iron Foundry on the same site as Reymond Machine. The growth of Reymond made them have a larger need for castings. They also needed the control of the metallurgy, quality, and on time delivery. 

Throughout Bob’s 36 years of service to the brick industry, he witnessed many production changes within the industry. A couple of the biggest changes that he experienced was increased extrusion speeds and lower moisture content of the extruded brick. These changes were addressed with improved lubrication system and interior die design changes. Bob had a great career with Reymond Machine and retired in 2006.

In 1999 Greg Dean purchased Reymond Machine, Greg Dean is an Ohio State University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. After working as a public accountant for 10 years Greg decided to purchase Reymond Machine and Commercial Casting. With the purchase company names were changed to Reymond Products International, Inc. and Casting U.S.A. Inc.

Greg Dean quickly sorted out the day to day business operations and built a team with a common goal for the future. He quickly put boots on the ground to meet face to face with the customer base and started growing the domestic business.   With the increased customer base growth, Greg invested back into the business with an expansion to the Reymond machine shop facilities and the addition of the most up to date machining equipment and engineering software in 2001.      

In 2003 all order history and new business was moved over to a computer-based order management software. The software implementation stream-lined the management of orders and raw material inventory; from quoting, to shipment of orders, to history of customer purchases. 

Until 2005 Reymond Products International, Inc. and Casting U.S.A. Inc. were primarily domestic businesses with the exception of one customer in Saudi Arabia. In 2005 Reymond established a business relationship with Corobrik in South Africa and by 2007 had 14 plants using Reymond Products International equipment in South Africa.

In 2007 Reymond started working with new customers in Australia. Today we have 19 factories in Australia using Reymond Products equipment.

In 2014 Reymond continued to expand our customer base with the addition of 8 factories in the United Kingdom using our equipment.

Along the way we have also established customer bases in South America, Mexico and Canada.

In 2015 we added 10,000 square feet to Castings U.S.A. Inc. As a part of this expansion   7,000 pounds of melting capacity was added and a state of the art sand reclamation system installed along with new molding and cleaning equipment that provide an improved working environment for our team.

After 60 years we remain committed to the Clay Extrusion Industry and other industries we serve with proven equipment, dependability, constant innovation, and superior customer support. 

To strengthen our continued commitment to our customers, in 2017 four properties adjacent to our facility were purchased. This acquisition will enable us to expand the Reymond Products machine shop in 2018 for increased machining abilities.   In 2019 a new warehouse will be built for additional pattern storage, spare parts inventory and heat treat operations.